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New Dive Tank for Wet Welding at the International Training Center in Las Vegas
The UBC International Training Fund took advantage of the new West Building’s training space to jump into a national commercial diver training program. Dominating a corner of the South Shop floor is a Commercial Diving Center, including a 12 foot, 16,000-gallon tank that stretches 15-feet in diameter, a monitoring and operations deck, and a closed-circuit television system, so that a diver’s welding work can be viewed outside of the tank.

In addition to specialized training, some of the in-demand skills taught in UBC dive tanks include welding, waterfront construction techniques, pile repair, coating applications, non-destructive testing of subsurface structures and materials, and how to operate in a contaminated environment. Instructors stress safety at all times.

Commercial diving is a term that covers a remarkably broad spectrum of activities. Commercial diving is industrial construction that takes place underwater. It involves a variety of trades and skills, all of which are complicated by the hostile environment in which they are performed. Jobs like welding are tough, but even tougher when performed below the surface. While most people associate commercial diving with the offshore oil industry, there is also a lot of inland commercial diving. This includes support for everything from ferry berths to bridge inspection and repair to building and repairing wastewater treatment facilities. Regardless of what kind of commercial diving it is, it requires a skill set far afield from recreational diving, and quite unlike anything else at all. A commercial diver must be equally capable of performing a multitude of different tasks, and in much more demanding situations than other tradesmen.
Local 2404 Divers are all CSA Z275.4 Competent Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers