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We take this opportunity to remind all members that harassment and discriminatory conduct against other members will not be tolerated. The Constitution of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (the “Constitution”) that the Pile Drivers are bound by provides that the union opposes “all unlawful discrimination and harassment against workers, whether based on race, gender, nationality or any other basis.” Engaging in such behaviour may result in a reprimand, a fine, a suspension or expulsion from the Union.

If a member has been subject to harassment by another member, Section 52 of the Constitution provides a member with an avenue to file charges against the member allegedly engaging in the harassing conduct. Section 52 contains specific requirements for filing charges, which must:

∙ be filed with the Local Union;
∙ be in writing;
∙ specify the paragraph of Section 51 of the Constitution that has been violated;
∙ contain a brief statement of the facts upon which the charged is based; and
∙ if the charge is under Section 51A, it must be filed within six months of the date the violation occurred or reasonably should have been      discovered and if the charge alleges a violation of a Bylaw or a Trade Rule, it must be filed within thirty days after the violation occurred or reasonably should have been discovered.

We have not reproduced the entirety of Section 52, please consult the Constitution for further information.

Once the charges have been filed, the Local Union will refer this matter to the Executive Committee.