Local 2404 Divers are all CSA Z275.4 Competent Unrestricted Surface Supplied Divers.

Commercial diving is a term that covers a remarkably broad spectrum of activities. Construction diving is industrial construction that takes place underwater. It involves a variety of trades and skills, all of which are complicated by the hostile environment in which they are performed.

Jobs like welding are tough, but even tougher when performed below the surface. While most people associate commercial diving with the offshore oil industry, there is also a lot of inland commercial diving.

This includes underwater inspection, construction and repair for all types of marine facilities including:

  • dams
  • docks and wharves
  • ferry berths
  • bridge foundations
  • wastewater treatment facilities
  • potable water facility cleaning
  • hyperbaric tunneling interventions
  • and more

Regardless of what kind of commercial diving it is, the skillset required to be a successful commercial diver is huge. Dive school will teach you to get to the work, but hands on trade skills are essential in order to perform the tasks required alone underwater.


Join the eight hundred men and women who we represent in the marine construction, land foundation and diving industries.